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Opting For That Work Inside Your Mom Career As Va

Finding balance between work and the rest of your life is not always easy, but it is essential. Your business cannot truly thrive if you are the center of everything, and your family cannot thrive if the majority of your attention is spent on your business.

My entire upline was using the same system to market and build their businesses. We all use a front end web based click that has a free lead sharing service included. Everyone is given hot prequalified leads rotated into our inboxes from multiple advertising campaigns all ready generating leads. And everyone gets to use the service for 30 days for free before paying a low monthly subscription.

From the very first customer, think exceptional customer service. Consider the experience you want them to have that will reflect well on you. If you don't, they may sully your reputation before you get going. Create a system that will allow you to always give the same level of service no matter how many clients you have or who is serving the client. We failed to have a system from the very beginning so we often found ourselves reacting to every request that came in, essentially re-creating the wheel every time. We have since developed a customer contact system. A spreadsheet tracks everyone. It has names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, project information and whatever else we can think of. Eventually we'll add birthdays! This is a work in progress, but requests no longer make us feel scattered.

Sounds like a personal problem. Ooops! I meant to say it sounds like you need a PERSONAL assistant. In order to bring home the bacon a virtual assistant has several clients they're assisting on a monthly basis. While you may be their favorite, you're not usually the only paying client . If your VA asks you to schedule phone conversations in advance, don't take it personal...it's just business. Depending on the number of clients your virtual assistant has they may even require at least two days notice to complete new projects.

And it's not that all the tasks on your list aren't wonderful and/or doable. There are simply too many of them - and they all seem important right now - to expect that you can accomplish them all in the hours you have to work in any single day.

First of all, you're on your own. That may sound like a great environment that's free of distractions but you would be wrong. Just because you're not getting hassled by a co-worker doesn't mean you're not going to be distracted. There are plenty of distractions around your home. There's the TV, the Playstation, the fridge, your bed, your wife or husband, kids.. the list is endless.

6)Does the company offer global expansion? This is an easy one. Does the product(s) offer you the ability to build your business in other countries without any problems? Sometimes consumables like foods, drinks, health supplements, etc. are not allowed into other countries. Whereas informational type products are easily shared as a tangible item to be shipped or via the internet.

Don't plan for failure. Planning for failure almost invariably leads to failure, or at least has a way of undermining your resolve. The tough times are what separate the survivors from the many strewn casualties lying alongside the startup highway.

Make a list of your favorite bloggers. These should be ones that deal with topics in your industry. Post an innocuous - or brilliant if you're inspired - comment on once a week. You don't need your own blog. Comments on blogs get the benefit of SEO too. Comment to a blog on the Huffington Post - that's the fifth most read news media in the country. And it's a WEBSITE.

If you're like a lot of authors, you book is your baby. Even when you can see some flaws it is hard to imagine that anyone could read it and not love it as much as you do. Still, while that pride will come in handy as you market your book, it's important to remember that there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to books whether self published or traditionally published. Take criticism with a grain of salt and use it to make your next book even better.

Don't be the product, buy the product!